Shakti Mohan’s BEAUTIFUL Performance – Lux Dance India Dance Season 2
   (2019-05-18 01:16:33)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

Salman Yusuff Khan’s Dance India Dance Winning Moment
   (2019-05-18 01:05:42)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

Raghav’s MOST FUNNY Mimicry of RAMDEV BABA – DID L’il Masters Season 2
   (2019-05-18 01:27:56)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

Comedian Dr. Sanket Bhosale Mimics SANJU BABA – Dance India Dance
   (2019-05-18 00:11:51)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

This FUNNY Audition Made Judges Dance | Dance India Dance
   (2019-05-17 22:16:08)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

Katrina Kaif LOOK ALIKE In Dance India Dance Delhi Audition
   (2019-05-17 20:47:50)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

MIND BLOWING Finale Performance | Dharmesh Sir Vs Prince | DID Dance Ke Superkids
   (2019-05-17 03:24:46)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

Pradeep and Vaishnavi’s Death Defying Arial Act Earns them a Standing Ovation from Judges #Dance
   (2019-05-16 14:38:49)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

Faisal Khan & Rohan pull off an UNBELIEVABLE SLOW-MOTION Dance Performance! #Dance
   (2019-05-17 21:04:39)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

This is why Indian Classical is the BEST Dance Form Ever – DID Girls’ MINDBOGGLING Performance
   (2019-05-17 16:25:08)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

WOW!! Geeta Maa and Farah Khan’s SIZZLING Performance Sets The Stage On Fire
   (2019-05-17 21:57:54)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

(5月 18日 1時 33分 fromひろめでぃあ YouTube)