Relaxing Music with Rain Sounds – Easy Listening Piano Music for Stress Relief
   (2020-10-08 17:53:22)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

THURSDAY BOSSA: October Hip Hop Jazz – Slow Music to Relax and Rest, Work and Study
   (2020-10-08 11:50:56)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

勉強ピアノ: Study Night Soothing Music – Sensual Piano Instrumental Music for Relaxing and Concentration
   (2020-10-07 22:28:15)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

秋勉強: Autumn Study Music – Beautiful Instrumental Piano Music for Unwind and Improve Mood
   (2020-10-07 16:38:59)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

WEDNESDAY MORNING: Jazz & Bossa Nova Background Music for Wake Up, Work at Home, Study
   (2020-10-07 11:04:21)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

秋音BGM: Beautiful Autumn Piano Music – Relaxing Music, Study Music, Stress Relief, Sleep Music
   (2020-10-06 16:03:28)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

HAPPY JAZZ: Living Bossa Nova Music – Positive Cafe Jazz & Bossa Nova for Relaxation
   (2020-10-04 00:15:50)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

(10月 8日 18時 46分 fromひろめでぃあ YouTube)