金曜コーヒー: Exquisite October Jazz – Luxury Autumn Jazz Music for Relaxing Mood
   (2021-10-15 01:00:02)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

海ギター: Hawaiian Sunset Cafe Music for Chill, Stroll, Resting, Taking a Break and Relax
   (2021-10-15 00:19:32)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

Thursday Jazz: Autumn Season Relaxing Background Music for Work at Home, Study and Comforting
   (2021-10-14 18:00:01)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

木曜コーヒー: Good Day for a Coffee Drink – Relaxing Autumn Jazz Music for Unwinding, Resting, Chill
   (2021-10-14 16:09:39)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

秋ジャズ: Forest Autumn Piano Jazz – Relaxing Piano Jazz Music to Chill, Calm
   (2021-10-13 23:01:01)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

水曜コーヒー: Calm Morning Coffee to Start the Day – Jazz Background Music to Wake Up, Stretch, Exercise
   (2021-10-13 14:56:25)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

秋音ピアノ: Relaxing Autumn, Piano Music, With Beautiful Autumn Scenes, Piano Music Autumn Leaves
   (2021-10-12 23:00:44)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

秋ギター: Relaxing Guitar Music for Autumn – Acoustic Calming Music for Stress Relief, Studying
   (2021-10-14 10:45:48)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

Relaxing Jazz: Autumn Jazz Instrumental Music for Studying, Working, Focusing
   (2021-10-08 23:00:47)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

海ギター: Morning Beautiful Music – Soothing Hawaiian Guitar Music with Beautiful Ocean Scenery
   (2021-10-09 17:00:56)  >>>>記事へのLINK>>

(10月 15日 1時 28分 fromひろめでぃあ YouTube)